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This is a great write up. I did the course a few years ago and agree that it is top notch, and that the second financial planning session is a real eye opener.

Thanks for this post, I’ve been considering taking for a while and just not sure how to get enrolled. One big question I have had for along time is on RRSPs and whether or not to contribute. I am in a fortunate position in being able to max out an TFSA and RRSP while in the public service, but have not in my RRSP as I worry I will be in a higher marginal rate in retirement than I am now (I am still young–29). Have never been able to figure this one out.

Thanks for the fantastic write up. I hoped you could possibly elaborate on whether the course offers info on quitting the public service, and what to do with your pension. I am considering leaving after 6-7 years in the service and not sure the many implications I need to consider: do I have RRSP room? Do I cash it out or leave in to retirement? etc.