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Hi Paul,
This one really hits home for me. I am luckily enough to still have both parents alive but their health is definitely declining. Partially as a result of this declining health, they are moving towards selling our family cottage near Orillia. I spent almost every weekend of my childhood there until I was 18. My grandfather’s ashes are scattered there and we have buried three family pets on the property. It is the place I have roots and I am dreading its sale. I’ve been in Ottawa since 2006 and I still don’t have strong roots here. The cottage is where I re-connected with my high school and university friends who now live across Southern Ontario. I have several really good friends here in town but I’m not really involved in the wider community. It’s a struggle to really put down strong roots when so much of your family history is elsewhere. My Mum moved from Scotland to Canada in 1968. She has put down roots in Canada but her home is still Scotland. I wonder if that feeling of “home” every really changes.