The PolyWogg Reading Challenge is a small low-key reading group on Facebook with safe discussions of what we are reading. Some of us read a lot, some read a little, some just want to see book recommendations from other people. To encourage trying new books, or just to read more in general, each month I name “books of the month” based on a category plus a couple of challenge books. There’s also always “reader’s choice” to read whatever you want and share. I try to vary the book choices, track people’s achievements, and award badges monthly to help reinforce the member’s efforts to “read more”.

At the end of 2021, I asked for feedback through a series of short polls of members, and I have confirmed the topics for the year:

  1. January: Renewal
  2. February: Non-fiction
  3. March: Mystery
  4. April: History-ish
  5. May: Decades
  6. June: Community
  7. July: Canadian
  8. August: Awards
  9. September: Worlds
  10. October: Women
  11. November: Best seller
  12. December: Recent

If you’re interested in joining, message me on FaceBook or submit a comment!

Titles Read by the Members by Month


  • A. Reader’s choice — Any book
    • x
  • B. Category: Renewal / Fresh takes
    • Any book that has been adapted into or from TV or movies
      • x
    • Any self-help book (resolutions, change)
      • x
    • Any book with personal renewal as a theme
      • x
  • C. Challenge books
    • A book about health and wellness
      • x
    • A book that’s a coming-of-age story
      • x

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