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Paul- Sending you zen hugs. I’m really struggling with the eating right and exercise thing again. Sometimes it feels so futile and disheartening. I am doing my polywog reading bingo regularly but not posting about it much. But it is hanging proudly on my work bulletin board! I sent the pdf version of your HR guide to 3 students so far this year. Both of the others I sent it too last year used it to get into the PARDP program here at NRCan. I used it for my EX prep. Hobbies are such a challenge for me. I find I have such high expectations but don’t really have the time to follow through. Have you thought about not doing the goal setting for fun activities? Maybe the pressure to do it is making it less fun. Honestly you do about 250% more than me but is the goal setting making you happy? I’ve basically kept it down to just reading and camping these days.

Average people with average numbers of interests don’t have this much bad luck. That being said – the sheer amount of stuff you have on the go is impressive and shows a tremendous level of ambition (across a really wide variety of skill sets). You’re climbing multiple learning curves here, cut yourself some slack – or really focus on what is actually important and only let those things get your goat (but, don’t add hobby farming to your list – unless you do buy that bigger space for your drone hobby, and J’s remote control car hobby). Nice blog – i hope you recover the eye pieces, i really look forward to your pics of the cosmos!

Readership of Polywogg in Africa is up by one. Hang in there Paul.

Read it, witnessed! Loved this blog post and how real it is. Thanks for sharing “life” with us. 🙂