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  1. Hi Paul,
    Excellent content on your website. My daughter works for the government so she is particularly interested in your HR Guide and I was impressed on your persistence in pushing through with version enhancements.

    It is a real pity that mobile responsiveness, particularly for iPhone, isn’t working but it is easily fixed.
    There are many plugins that can fix the problem. I have used WPtouch but it hasn’t been updated recently. Jetpack has many capabilities including mobile responsiveness. This fix could attract many new readers because mobile first is how many people are surfing the web these days.

    Keep up the great work. There are many people who can benefit from you getting your expertise out into the world.
    PS I tried sending this via your email form but it didn’t work.

  2. Hi Paul,

    The information you posted about the government HR guide is amazing. It is extremely thorough and helpful.

    I am working in the private sector for approximately 9 years and hoping to get into the government.

    I completed my exam, interview, and reference checks, which led me to be in a pool of candidates approximately a month ago.

    I have few questions about the pool:

    1. How long does my name stay in the pool? Does the pool has an expiry date?
    2. Can I ask the HR personnel about my ranking in the pool? or she wouldn’t disclose this information?
    3. Can I message the Director of the department and ask him if there are any other positions available within the department?
    4. Does the pool only apply to the specific position I applied to or I could be recruited to other positions that matches my education (Engineer) and experience?

    Thank you for your time.



    • Hi Amit,

      Glad it helps. Pools do have an expiry date, and average default is six months. However, it can be “valid” for however long the hiring manager wants to keep it valid. Usually, at the end of six months, HR will ask if they should extend it or not. Rarely would they go past 18 months / 24 months. Usually by then, anyone on the list would have other options.

      As for ranking, there is no ranking…everyone is equally qualified. Hence the term “pool”.

      You can message the director of the group and reiterate your continued interest, but honestly, they know you’re in the pool. If there are other areas you are interested in, and are close to the original area, you can email them and say “Interested, etc and btw, I’m in an existing pool.” In short, you can advertise yourself around, not the Director.

      As for your last question, in theory yes for other positions, absolutely, but depends totally on how broadly that pool was targeted. When they start the process, they have to say who it will be open to, but they almost always say “May be used to staff other positions” or something similar. In my dept, our org structure is division / directorate / branch / dept. Generally we can share our pools easily within the branch; if we want to share with the rest of the dept, much harder. Particularly if it said anywhere in the pool “knowledge of area x” where the X was say a sector. If so, than another sector would want you to have THEIR expertise, and it doesn’t match. However, even if they don’t open it to other areas, if you are in a pool, someone can basically appoint you based on you qualifying in *some* pool somewhere. That used to be rare but much more common now. So suppose you make PE 3 at dept 1 and the pool looks like mostly that dept. Then you’re talking to someone at another dept and they want to hire you. They can use the rationale that you’re deemed qualified in that other pool, that is close enough to their needs, to appoint you without competition to their PE3 position.

      So making a pool is huge, and you should market that in any communication you have in future. However, I would refrain from saying “I’m in a pool, hire me” type comms (some people do that). You still have to say “I’m qualified, here are my qualifications, etc” to get them interested; being in a pool is helpful/great *if* they want to hire you, but doesn’t sell you by itself. More like a two step message — “Im amazing, here are my details” and “Now that you love me, I’m also in a pool i.e. easy to hire”.

      Does that help?


  3. Hi Paul,

    I apologize for the delayed response.

    This helps a lot!!! I don’t think I will get this information from anyone else out there. You should start charging for these advises. You will be a rich man lol.

    Thanks again for the prompt response.

    Have a wonderful holidays and Merry Christmas 🙂