Well, this seems like a much more manageable list after culling was complete, taking me from 75 undone to only working on 14 (or rather 4 in progress plus 10 other ones).  Plus I didn’t go too crazy on the remaining 10 — most of them (well, all except one) are within Ottawa area or a day’s driving distance, thus drastically reducing the resource requirements to complete.

NumberGoalStatusKeep or Drop
1Own a house
  • Completed – June 2007
2Finish my website
  • Completed – January 2011 (polywogg.ca, thepolyblog.ca)
  • Completed – Revamped September 2015 (polywogg.ca)
3See solar eclipse
  • Completed – Ottawa, 2008
4Own my own telescope
  • Completed – June 2013
5Live abroad for 3 months
  • Completed – New York City, 2008
6Develop a Top-500 Books To Be Read list
  • Completed – Developed the list, 2008
7Get married for love
  • Completed – September, 2008
8Have a child
  • Completed – May 2009
9Romance on a beach
  • Completed – September/October 2008
10Help someone through university
  • Completed – 2005+
11Rent a theatre
  • Completed – June 2007
12See Beethoven’s Fifth performed live
  • Completed – National Arts Centre Pops Orchestra, 2006
13Design a game
  • Completed – January 2014
14Write a short-story
  • Completed – 2006+
15Write a play
  • Completed – 2007
16Learn to golf
  • Completed – Ottawa, 2007
17Spelunking or cave tubing
  • Completed – Hawaii, September 2008
18Climb a mountain
  • Completed – Gaspé. 2006
19Swim under a waterfall
  • Completed – Hawaii, September 2008
20Snorkle with sea turtles
  • Completed – Hawaii, October 2008
21Ride in a helicopter
  • Completed – Hawaii, September 2008
22Ride in a submarine
  • Completed – Hawaii, September 2008
23See a volcano
  • Completed – Hawaii, September 2008
24Eat tropical fruit under a tree
  • Completed – Hawaii, September 2008
1Read the Top-500 Books
  • Slowly working on reading the items, reading challenge set for this year
2Write HR Guide
  • Sections have been completed in previous years, and major update and rewrite started in November 2015
  • About 30% done (as of February 2016)
3Write a novel
  • Preliminary work done on Year of the Gods, trackers developed
4Compile cookbook of great recipes
  • Preliminary list started
  • Tried to create “family” cookbook for Malcolms / Hortons but no interest
  • Focus only on own recipes at this point
5Attend Mardi Gras or NYE in Times Square-like event
  • This is a great one-off thing to do, and I like the premise. Maybe not on the scale of MG or NYE, but something smaller-scale would be fun.
6Have a movie extravaganza weekend
  • I’m going to keep this one. I keep planning on doing it, and even set aside some time once, but then did other things that weekend instead.
7Watch Best Picture Oscar winners back to 1928
  • This is the visual alternative to the Top 500 books, seems doable.
8Skate Rideau Canal both ways
  • I don’t know if this is a true bucket-list-type item, but I’m keeping it. Mostly it is just a proxy for being able to be strong enough and fit enough to actually do it, but I’m keeping it.
9Go fly fishing
  • Something I really want to try sometime.
10Rappel or use a zipline
  • Something I really want to try sometime. Okay, no, I really don’t, the whole “afraid of heights” thing, but I’m keeping it anyway.
11Treetop sleeping
  • Something I really want to try sometime. Like having a treefort again.
12Cage diving with sharks
  • Something I really want to try sometime. I’ve done a simple reef dive with sharks, but I need bigger sharks.
13Learn to waterski
  • Something I really want to try sometime. I may completely suck at it, but I want to try.
14Learn archery
  • Something I really want to try sometime. I have wanted to ever since I was a kid. I had targets, did it a bit when I was younger. Always wanted to get back to it.



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Apparently the RA centre has a really good Archery club with instruction. I belonged to an archery club at university. I sucked but it was still really fun!