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“my point is that about 50-60% of the honorees have ZERO interest in having or seeing strippers at all.”
I call shenanigans! I want to see the data behind this crazy pronouncement.

I regulate the adult entertainment establishment industry, and I can confirm that it’s not a growth industry, but that’s mostly due to the ready availability of porn/sexual experiences on the Internet. Bachelor parties are one area that I believe is still doing okay because a dozen guys around a monitor doesn’t quite have the same vibe.
Arguably, the bachelor event is about creating memories and memorable moments, not making sure the groom is comfortable. Often the entire purpose is to (lovingly) embarrass the groom.
I would never say that it’s for everyone, but to boldly throw out a figure like 50-60% seemed extreme. Mostly because I can’t imagine anyone has tried to gather that data so it feels like it’s based on some local anecdotes.

I’m amused that you did the math!
I was talking about the grooms themselves, not the other participants. A lot of participants are just there for support or to go along. I’ll readily agree that not a whole bunch of guys, especially older guys, get a big thrill out of going to a strip club anymore.
And thinking on it, the last bachelor I went to, the (older) groom fled the strip club right before his wrestling match. But the rest of us had a lot of fun. Does that count? 🙂
One day, in a non-public forum, I’ll have to share my own b-party experience with you. It’s an eventful tale, which was exactly the goal!