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Too funny. I actually think “Get in tight with a book nerd” is a good one. I’ve had lots of fabulous recommendations from friends on good books to read. That said. it does also lead to those awkward conversations if you don’t like the booked they recommended (e.g. what?!? How could you not like that book? It was so similar to xyz, which I know you loved. What was the problem?).

I so agree with the read everything. That’s how I’ve read about code red, white and blue on the wall at an ultrasound clinic while she was scanning the shoulder ,about the muscles or exercises while at Physio, and the eye chart at eye doctors… nothing else to read.
I disagree with #9- I’m faithful to a story at a time. (I’ll read the news concurrently, but not another novel). And I’ve had book hangovers, stories/characters so compelling I can’t immediately move on to another.
Late night/work: I read Harry Potter on vacation. Deliberately times. 24 hour binge, read straight through cover to cover. No sleep. Sleep’s for weaklings not story addicts! (Interestingly that’s the only books I’ve done that with).
Book nerds are useful sources for other books, or to talk about what you’ve read. But yeah, I source my own and have a massive stack of to be reads. Not that there isn’t room for more to-reads!! I’m alive, therefore there could be more. (I’m here in the basement recovering and I had to take 10 books with me, to read. In case I ran out… In 2 weeks. Plus a stack of prepped sewing projects. And the tv. And computers. And my lovely MIL provided NYT magazine and newspaper. She gets it)

Reading is the best past time hobby and a very good habit. It helps in developing language, vocabulary, and of course intellect. These tips are really effective and I’m looking forward to use them.