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Thanks for an interesting read. I like your writing style even though it wasn’t directly related to my problem. I came across this post while searching for more information about NextGEN. (I’m trying to figure out why my archive pages (ngg_tag) are still showing in search results but now have gone soft 404.)

An example here is one URL I can find one page one when searching on Google for ‘cedar man cave signs’
But when I click through it says nothing found.

I’m pretty sure it used to work years ago when I first started using NextGEN but maybe something I did with Yoast recently has caused issues. All this stuff does my head in, I’m not sure how to use NextGEN properly and be able to search tags to find photos on my website, time for another coffee I think. Maybe I should just look for an alternative. Or redirect these URLS to the actual .jpg image instead? So that they don’t go 404.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated if you have any.
Thanks again for a great read.