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So the EXACT same thing happened to me on several occasions. All tests were normal. After years of issues my doctor sent me to gastroenterology for a scope as they thought it was digestive. Doctor suggested trying a low fodmap elimination diet as there was inflammation and it worked wonders. It’s a bit harsh to follow but after the elimination phase i’ve been able to reintroduce most foods except garlic, beans and onions. The triggers are different than typical things that cause heart burn (oil and fat) and I stopped having chest pain all together.

Even if scopes find nothing I would suggest reading up on fodmap triggers and maybe tracking a bit to see if there is enough correlation to see if it is worth trying the elimination diet. When I was getting this chest pain I was so focused on meat/fatty food/spice (traditional heartburn triggers) that I wasn’t seeing that beans/garlic/onions/corn were giving me the most issues. Fodmaps are sugars that don’t get absorbed by the gut properly. Some folks get runs/cramps and traditional IBS symptoms but others tend toward bloating/upper abdominal/cheat pain. My family doctor says that she is seeing more and more type 2 diabetics that are helped by figuring out which fodmaps your body is most sensitive too. And on the plus side you can east lots of meat :-).