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Doesn’t it suck when you post something important but it doesn’t seem to resonate? I’ve been there!

Your self-profile is a bit like listening on a conversation you’re having with yourself. It feels rude to interrupt, and I certainly don’t feel like I have the required level of expertise to join in compared to those already there (namely you…and you). What am I going to say, “you’re wrong, you don’t know yourself as well as I do?”

That being said, it was interesting to see that you know that you talk a lot, and even more interesting to see the reason why. Are you nervous around me? Maybe. No need to be, but maybe. I will say that you are one of the easiest people to hang out with, especially at first when I don’t know you that well, and it was only later that I realized it’s because you did all the talking so there were no awkward pauses, and there was always something keeping my attention.

Much of your profile matched what I’ve been reading these past few years.

Your idea of a wasted life resonates with me. Just finished reading some quick one-page biographies/resumes of rich people in business and they’re increasingly closer in age to me, suggesting that I could have accomplished more – I’ve got the raw talent (though not the drive or desire, I suspect).

I also share your fear of a declining mind (and death). Mortality troubles me greatly, as those around me will attest from the constant bemoaning about aging.

Your second fear…well, that might be true. I might be “meh” to your self revelations. Your description is a bit vague so it’s hard to say. But after a guy opens up like that, am I supposed to chime in with, “about #2, yeah, that fear might be valid, you should worry about that, or not, because it’s probably not that important (see ‘meh’ above)”. That’s not going to help! 🙂

…as for this post (vs. the previous one), I’m intrigued by the Obituary plan. It’s an interesting way to frame the sort of person you want to be seen as, perhaps providing guidance as to how to get there.

Years ago I read an Atlantic article where the author, at age 55, decided that he would no longer see medical help at age 75:

He gives himself 20 years to live healthily so that he could focus himself and make sure he did what he wanted to do instead of living like he was going to live forever. That idea scares me, because I definitely live like I’m going to live forever, and that’s really not a good idea. Death gives us urgency. I have too many things I still want to do (and yet I’m wasting my time on trivial or uninteresting things!).

You have 22 years. Tell us how you want to use them.

I did not get a notification, but maybe I will if you respond to this?