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Internet or not, professionalism is still professionalism, and commitments need to be met. But new authors have to pay extraordinary attention to deadlines because the people setting the deadlines are taking an extraordinary chance on them.
So I agree with the points you’re making. My archaeological mystery, American Caliphate, is due out in December. Can I guest blog then? I promise to deliver!
William Doonan

I’m so sorry that you have been let down as this sort of thing reflects badly on the rest of us. I can only assure you that I would never do that unless I had died and not realised it. Anytime I can be of help you need only to ask.

PolyWogg, thank you for this post, actually it is right on time. It is so uncouth to not follow through if one agrees to be guest on a blog. If one decides not to do so, you are not to avoid the follow-up emails, but be a man/woman and reply. augie