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Wow, Polywogg, you should publish that great article as an ebook! I shall be quoting from it – with full accreditation to your site, of course – at my MFA class next semester.
Duh, you wouldn't care to teach it, would you? ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi, Polywogg,
A very intelligent post! I also follow Murder Must Advertise. Lots of helpful information. I believe in the importance of the e-book revolution and think it will continue and is not just a fad. Just as the invention of the printing press proved revolutionary for the Renaissance and the Reformation, e-publishing is already having a great influence on publishing today.
Jacqueline Seewald
THE TRUTH SLEUTH–coming in May from Five Star/Gale
STACY'S SONG–available in both trade paperback and all e-book formats from L&L Dreamspell

That’s a very astute comment.
I recenty frightened my students with the news that the one-to-one novel was already on its way. That is, a novel that is written exclusively for each customer. Spintax already makes it easy to rewrite a basic story line with a million individual phrase variations. Same story, but every customer gets a unique product.
Add personalisation (see and every novel can be about the customer. The reader is the hero/heroine, their best friend is the villain/detective, the locale is their own home town… etc.
Add virtual reality and every customer will be able to live within their own world. They won’t dare get out of bed in the morning until they’ve read (or stepped into) their latest downloaded instalment – telling them what ‘they’ will be doing that day.
That is the future of publishing. It will be commonplace within ten years. When it happens, remember that you heard it here first ๐Ÿ™‚

Dear Polywogg,
This was a great post. I was out of town when the discussion started on MurderMustAdvertise, so it was wonderful to see it all laid out so nicely. I was one of those pawns who for a variety of reasons didn't make it all the way through the gatekeepers, and then when I turned to self-publishing, hit the jack pot.
I also know that my historical mystery, Maids of Misfortune, has benefited greatly from the Netflix model available, since my book now routinely shows up in the customer who bought x also bought y lists, right alongside traditionally published bestsellers, and I am sure this has engendered a level of trust in the book (as the reviews have done as well.)
One additional point I wanted to make is that I think that the idea of "curated" websites that focus on books of particular genres will be an increasingly important method of helping readers find good ebooks by independent authors. For example, the site Konrath has set up with colleagues, called Top Suspense. These go beyond the list or reviews of one individual, so provide more opportunities to address the variety of reader tastes. I have joined with a group of other historical fiction authors to form a coop to find and publicize what we feel is the best in ebook historical fiction. We are just in the beginning stages, but if you are interested in the model, you might check out our site.
M. Louisa Locke
author of Maids of Misfortune: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery