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For weight loss/gaining fitness, your best measures are… how long can you walk on a treadmill, and at what speed; the weights you can lift (basic arms, legs); how many squats and lunges you can do and at what depth; types and number of ab work; etc. Go for basics, and see that progress. Then, work on functional and whole body fitness (kettle bells, free weights, battle rope, etc).
If you want some type of test/benchmarks, I can talk to my trainer (or two PT managers, who used to be my trainers) and see if it’s possible to do a few one-off type sessions with you for teaching you good form (VERY important to avoid injury, particularly when out of shape and carrying excess weight), set up a program, and run tests, then repeat every 6-8 weeks the new program & tests. I would *not* aim for some of those exercises above without a solid fitness level… that’s begging for serious injury. (I know form & basics from nearly 18 years of personal training, going through many a post-injury/surgery rehab, and seeing what-not-to-dos at the gym!).
Fancy standards are really for those who are already somewhat fit and aiming to improve. Like, when healthy, that sandbag test – no big deal. I’ve done more.