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I like your goals! I was also recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. While the equipment was hard to get used to for the first 4-5 weeks during the trial period, I am now feeling much better. My sleep is better, no headaches, more focused, blood pressure waaaay down and I’ve lost some weight as well. I don’t think I realized how much bad sleep was impacting daily life. What was your experience? I’m at the point right now where I am about to submit my claim to Sun Life so hopefully it goes smoothly.

Just because it didn’t work for me (because I never got a mask that fit right), doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for you. Lots of people have good luck with it. Just saying.

My Dad was diagnosed with sleep apnea and is a normal weight. Weight is for sure a factor in my case but I also think that I have a narrow airway. I also HATED the mask they gave me at the sleep study and must admit I had a very bad first test. The second follow-up was much better. I asked the second sleep technician for the place with the best “trial” program. She told me to go to Inspiration Medic and boy have I been giving them a work out. I’ve been doing the trail since November changing up machines (APAP vs CPAP) and different masks to get the best fit. The CPAP machine was ok but I really like the APAP machine. It ramps up the pressure depending on what is needed. The main downside for me is that using a cpap/apap machine when you have a cold is an absolute pain in the ass (e.g. you really can’t do it and boy do you notice the difference). On the plus side since the machine has a built in humidifier I am not having the usual sore throat/dry cough bouts that I get most of the winter. At first it was a really weird experience but after pushing through the first 4-6 weeks I now sleep better with it and it has made a big difference in my blood pressure.