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I completely agree.

Back in 2007 I had the blog to find my sister and it was likely getting lots of hits, and I wondered if I should monetize it in some way to generate funds for the search, but it would have been so crass to have ads all over the place. Like you, I hate/despite them on sites.

If only Patreon had existed then, or “Donate” buttons (maybe they did but I didn’t have the tech skills), then that I would have added to make it easier for people than mailing cheques to the trust we set up. I suspect Patreon subscribers would make you feel guilty for not publishing enough and it starts to feel like work – trying to do daily and then weekly blogging eventually felt that way and I was doing that for free!

I would be skeptical of people who want to cross-post – that feels like SEO scams to make websites go up in search rankings because of the range of links. I could be wrong though.

I like your ethical stance on providing HR advice while working as a government. It would certainly seem odd if I charged for advice on getting business licences given that I am deeply involved in processing them, so I see where you’re coming from and I like how you abstract it up to manager responsibilities – finally an example of something managers actually do while the rest of us are busy producing!