Stupid leg, stupid me — 4 Comments

  1. Yeah I’m kicking myself about the health issues as well. I found working at home over the summertime was awesome for my activity level since I embraced gardening. Since things have gotten cooler I have definitely slowed down. Need to work on that.

    • For me, the “small” progress is that I initially managed to maintain my weight, and even decrease it (yay me). Mostly because I wasn’t eating out as much at lunch. Since then, I have “maintained” that weight consistently (confirmed today at the office that my scale is indeed still working), but I’ve lost muscle tone and gained fat during that time, which is NOT good, even though my weight didn’t change.
      I have been excited by making baby steps this month to go walking but the leg doesn’t like me much this week.

  2. I totally understand your struggles, please don’t be too harsh on yourself. Baby steps are awesome! And like you said, at least it’s not irreversible! Sending healing vibes your way. Keep us posted.

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