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It would drive me insane to have to wait 5 seconds for things to load. I start digging if any page takes more than an instant to load, but that’s an on-prem isolated server, not a web page. I don’t like my web app to be slow either, but fortunately that hasn’t been an issue.

I did discover an issue with PuTTY where my OpenEdge software takes 9-10 seconds to load if the PuTTY screen display isn’t using the default 24×80 rows/columns. I’m not even sure how to explain the issue to the PuTTY folks to see if they have suggestions on fixing it, or changes on their end – OpenEdge Unix interface is pretty obscure software, so probably not a priority.

I’d be all annoyed by the lower speeds/memory than what you’re paying for. I was furious with Rogers when they had me on plan X but didn’t give me the speed of plan X because my modem was too old…and never bothered telling me! That’s what pushed me over the edge and got me to leave.

…and ironically, clicking “Post Comment” had me panicked that your site was failing because it took at least 3-4 seconds for the comment to save. Fortunately there was a moving icon on the top right of the screen that assured me that things were being processed. You need to up that front-end speed for all your commenters! (which, I think, is just me? 🙂 )

I was incorrect earlier, it’s 9-10 second to save the comment, not 3-4. Maybe the reCaptcha? They cause all kinds of trouble at work. I’ll test it again now.

Yeah, still 8+ seconds to save a comment.